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Arne Langaskens, CEO and founder of Chial - Atomic 8

Arne Langaskens
Creator of Atomic 8


CHIAL LTD., incorporated in Hong Kong, is the company behind Atomic 8. Chial and affiliates (CHIAL) have offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok and London that together power the whole engine behind Atomic 8 growth and success.

CHIAL is the combination of high caliber staff that excel in their fields and a powerful proprietary software that handle all aspect of the business. CHIAL aims at providing an efficient and enjoyable experience to customers with their purchase and to members growing their distribution network.

CHIAL’s CEO and Founder is Arne Langaskens, the creator of Atomic 8. Arne has been a powerful translator of Eastern philosophy and health care techniques.

Arne’s reputation in health care is based on his experience as a practicing herbalist and on his passion for obtaining and producing the highest quality herbs and herbal products to promote Radiant Health.

Arne has altered the lives of thousands of people by providing them with a new set of amazing mental, spiritual and nutritional tools.

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